What Makes Us Unique

We provide fast, effective therapy to our recipients. We hold firm to our principles that everyone is treated with fairness, respect, and dignity.

  • Optimized for Virtual/Remote Care and Telehealth
  • Assessments within 14 Days
  • Full-scope of Behavioral Health and Mental Health Services
  • CARF International Certified
  • Independent Assessment Stated that Superior Counseling:
    • “Is Well Respected in the Community”
    • “Recipients consistently report that they feel the staff members care for them” and are “always so ‘uplifting and encouraging'”.
    • “Recipients experienced more success and progress while working with Superior Counseling Services than with previous providers.”
    • “Offers a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere”
  • Medicaid Accepted
  • Psychiatrists on Staff
  • LCSWs and LPCs on staff
  • Injectables Prescribed

Individualized Treatment

With 3 locations and more than 40 staff members including psychiatrists and licensed mental health professionals, we take pride in the capabilities of providing bridges for recipients, families, communities, schools and hospitals to communicate and to the recipient in his/her least restrictive environment. Based on individualized treatment plans, staff visit with recipients virtually, at their home, schools, place of employment, and within the community. All treatment plans are developed and re-evaluated by a recipient’s team. This ensures that needs are meaningful, accomplished and addressed timely. 

Start living the life you deserve to live. Live your life your way.

Katrina Boden, Executive Director

Experience and Certifications

We love what we do and it shows. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, we know our industry like the back of our hands. There’s no challenge too big or too small, and we dedicate our utmost energy to every project we take on.

We are internationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. CARF accreditation extends to countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services in the following areas:

  • Aging Services
  • Behavioral Health
  • Child and Youth Services

As part of its certification process, CARF surveyed and assessed Superior Counseling. They identified the following strengths:

  • “Recipients consistently report that they have experienced more success and progress while working with Superior Counseling Services than with previous providers. One recipient was on the verge of failing and requiring special education services due to her extreme depression and is now an honor student.”
  • “Recipients are appreciative of Superior Counseling Services’ commitment to match them with providers that are a good fit.”
  • “Superior Counseling Services is commended for its care and concern for recipients in the Deaf community. It is the only organization willing to provide services to these recipients. Other agencies have shied away due to the cost of employing an interpreter.”
  • “Recipients consistently report that they feel the staff members care for them. One recipient even stated that she called her MHS at 10 p.m. and the MHS answered her call and even offered to come see her. Another recipient reported her MHS continued to check in with her by text or calling, despite being on maternity leave.”
  • “Recipients report they enjoy coming to Superior Counseling Services because the staff members are always so ‘uplifting and encouraging.'”
  • “Recipients appreciate the encouragement that Superior Counseling Services provides and state they never feel ashamed of reaching out for help.”

Superior Teamwork

Creativity thrives when people work together on a team. Brainstorming ideas as a group prevents stale viewpoints that often come out of working solo. Combining unique perspectives from each team member creates more effective selling solutions.

  • Professional Staff
  • Knowledgeable 
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Exceptionally Kind
  • Proficient Accounting Department

CARF International is an independent, nonprofit organization that surveys and accredits health and human services providers worldwide. A service or program that is CARF accredited has passed an in-depth on-site review and has demonstrated substantial conformance to internationally recognized standards for quality.

Superior Counseling Services, LLC has been accredited by CARF since 2010 and is currently accredited in  Mental Health Outpatient Treatment for Child, Adolescents and Adults until 2026.

Our accreditation is a public commitment that we strive to:

  • Involve persons served and their families in their service planning.  
  • Respect individual cultural preferences.  
  • Be accountable to our funding sources, referral agencies, and the community at large. 
  • Address health and safety concerns, such as building safety and emergency preparedness. 
  • Maintain management practices that are efficient, cost-effective, and based on outcomes and consumer satisfaction.